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Big Cloud Dual flavor Cannabis/THC/HHC oil disposable vape device “Twins”

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“Twins” is a new designed Delta 8/CBD/THC oil vaping device from AFJ Vaping, it is called “Twins” for it can hold two different flavored oils. There are two oil tanks in “Twins”, and two corresponding visible oil windows, too. The toggle-switch on “Twins” can be used to switch one flavor to another during using, so you can enjoy different cannabis flavors in a short time. “Twins” is suitable for all kinds of Delta 8/HHC/THCO thin oil or thick oil. As it is equipped with our own advanced ceramic coil and airflow technology, the flavor is pure and smooth, users can get the great effect of cannabinoid rapidly.

Like AFJ’s other classic products, “Twins” also has a preheating button, you can preheat your Delta 8/CBD/THC oil before using, and there will be no clogging issue. Also, type-c charging port is designed on the side of “Twins” for a longer service time, thus you can charge it anytime. In addition, two ventilation holes are designed on the side of it for air circulation, and you will feel freely while vaping.

For the best all-in-one experience, “Twins” must be your best choice.

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