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Can you sell delta 8 on Shopify? Shopify’s delta 8 ban

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In this video we discuss Shopify’s recent takedown of delta 8 products, their new policy for hemp-derived products, and two alternative cannabinoids you should consider that are compliant with Shopify’s policies.

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In late February, Shopify shut down delta 8 products across hundreds of online stores.

In their email to online stores selling delta 8, Shopify stated they will no longer permit the sale of any cannabinoids where the amount of THC exceeds 0.3%.

This includes any and every THC compound, like delta 8, delta 10, and THC-O.

Upcoming legislative changes will likely implement a policy similar to Shopify’s, so it’s important to understand your options as a retailer.

Hemp-derived delta 9 and HHC appear to be the two best alternatives for anyone who wants to continue selling cannabinoids online.

Smoke Drop offers both wholesale and dropship inventory for Shopify retailers interested in these compliant cannabinoids.

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