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Short Path Molecular Distillation CBD oil Process #SHORTS

Short Path Molecular Distillation CBD oil Process.Short Path Molecular Distillation with larger throughput, up to 200kg/hr, short residence time and uniform heating, 24h/7days automatic and continuous distillation process, CE / UL certification types are optional. Short Path Molecular Distillation widely used for creating a high value clear distillate from Plant Oil Concentrates, such as refine […]

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CBD Fact #3.

Queen Victoria Took Cannabis Tinctures It wasn’t too long ago when the UK was just coming to grips with CBD being a viable product for legal medicinal use. However, medical cannabis was already used at the country’s highest seat of power over a hundred years ago. Her Royal Majesty Queen Victoria suffered from painful menstrual […]

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420Rx Presents THC/CBD Infused Whipped Mango Body Butter

Useful Links: Mango Butter wSweet Almond Oil zOrganic Coconut Oil vDouble Boiler H d Please check us out on FB and Instagram or Twitter @420RxCCC 🧚🏼‍♂️🌱💚 Ingredients50% mango butter 1oz.25% coconut oil 0.5oz.25% sweet almond oil 0.5oz.THC/CBD ProductEssential Oil, optional Directions1. Using a double boiler, gently melt mango butter and coconut oil until completely liquid.2. […]

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Revival Vape: Calloway CBD Vaporizer Unboxing

http://www.darthvaporreviews.comAn unboxing of the Calloway CBD concentrate vaporizer by Revival Vape. The Calloway features a 650 mah battery pushing 20w. More info: l Watch more Herbal Vaporizer reviews: l Vaping Deals: l Connect with Darth Vapor Reviews o s s s Quit Smoking Cigarettes The Easy Way Community: B Official Blog: m Intro/Outro music provided […]

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