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Phytocannabinoid Known Unknowns

Learn about exciting developments in the world of cannabis testing with Cayman scientist, Jeffrey Williams. Jeffrey Williams discusses the details of phytocannabinoids and degradation pathways in this webinar. Emerald Scientific hosted the webinar as part of their webinar series. Find out more about our Cannabinoid Research Tool: s

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Snapdragon Delta 8 THC Cart & Distillate

[Socials] Check out what I’m doing off of Youtube! [Instagram] /[Discord] Y [Sponsors]Fantastic CBD Shop ( ) Use code UNZ when you check out! Vivimu ( )Use code UNZ when you check out! PCKT Vapor ( ) PCKT Vapor ( />[Reddit & Guilded] 8 p [Disclaimer]This review contains information that is intended to be used […]

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Is CBD Flower worth it? Honest Review of Smoking CBD Weed!

In this video I smoke a CBD flower rolled in a hemp wrap. This 100% legal, non-psychoactive cannabis is reviewed live by me! > INSTAGRAM: @lowkey_fish h > TWITTER: @lowkey_fish h +-++++++-+-++++++-+|++|||++++++++|++-+ ++|++||++|++|||||-++-+–+-+-+-++++-+-+ Here’s the link for all legal cannabis products. Cheers!! />MORE LEGAL CANNABINOIDS REVIEWS . THC-V: Y. DELTA 6a10a – Q . HHC: […]

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Why you shouldn’t use “DELTA 8”

Instagram: / GET HARDCORE FITNESS PRODUCTS Use the code “HV 10″” when you check out to receive 10% on your entire order GET A POWERFUL ESTROGEN BLOCKER />GET ANDROGENIC TOPICALS />NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENT SHOP />Nutritional Supplement Shop, a family-owned business, is located in New York City. They carry Hard Core Preworkouts, and other Elite Fitness Supplements […]

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Delta 8 vs. Delta 10 THC: What are the Effects?

Happy Friday everyone! We wanted to know how Delta-8 and Delta -10 differed so we asked Karnage and Indica Boss and Quarter Life about their experiences using our products. These experiences really show how Deltas impact everyone differently! These are just a few of the many ways that the Deltas affect everyone. Check out our […]

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