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Delta-8 THC Shisha Review: My Experience

Today, I’m reviewing Sun State Hemp Delta-8 THC Herbal Shisha. It comes in multiple flavors – Blueberry Mint, Mega Mango, Pink Lemonade, and Just Peachy. I’m reviewing Pink Lemonade. This is my experience with it. Please be aware Delta-8 can make you high/stoned, anxious, and paranoid. Shop Delta-8 Shisha: a We also carry Delta-8 Gummies, […]

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Delta 8 Cbd “Slumpd” Vapes Review

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Hometown Hero Delta-8 Gummies Review

Big thanks to Hometown Hero for pushing back on the delta-8 ban in the state of Texas. They go into more detail about the whole situation on their channel so be sure to check that out if you’re curious about how this all went down: D Select Spectrum (legal delta-9 gummies) Review: />~~~ Links ~~~Delta-8 […]

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The Truth About Delta 8 THC – East Coast Herbalist

Delta-8 THC is proving itself to be a massively successful addition to the hemp market, with its extremely unique effects that offer a mild psychoactive experience while binding to cannabinoid receptors in the nervous system in a way that’s distinctive from other cannabinoids in industrial hemp. Delta-8 THC users report that it causes a mellow […]

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The Delta-8 Deception

If you follow my blog – then you know through my career as a journalist I’ve developed a bit of an “unpopular” opinion regarding Delta-8 THC being produced by hemp producers. But it’s not because I’m against the cannabinoid – I’m against how it’s being produced. Lab-synthesized cannabinoids are about as far away from the […]

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I smoked DELTA 8 all day… Here’s what happened.

Today I have a little mashup with two videos! First I tell you guys about the trade show I’m attending. Followed by my opinions and experience with Delta 8/HHc/delta 10/ thc-o. Then show some new d8 products I’m sampling! Tell me in the comments what videos YOU want to see in the future! Leave a […]

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