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CBD Review Green Mood Products

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in today’s review I cover a vape and a concentrate from @green.mood.cbd which I purchased from @thehempcompanydublin

A CBD concentrate is a pure extract of Cannabis/cannabinoids and it has a considerably higher rate of CBD (cannabinoid). Green Mood concentrate contains 90% CBD and their vape contains 50% CBD all of which is full spectrum.

CBD treats such issues as

Neurodegenerative Disorders,

and a list of other health benefits from consuming CBD.

Once again a huge thank you to @thehempcompanydublin for always providing such a fantastic service and always being stocked with quality reliable products.

Check out @green.mood.cbd for more of their CBD products.

As usual if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask or send me a message.

please as always share my videos as we want to get as much information out there for people. To truly normalise the use or Cannabis in all its forms.

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