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CBG Isolate Powder is THC-Free and contains at least 99% Pure Cannabigerol

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Offering a minimum of 99% CGB purity with less than 0.01% THC, our highly refined, hemp-derived CBG Isolate is a fine, white crystalline powder that is easily measured for a more precise Cannabigerol (CBG) concentration in end-product formulation.

We begin with a federally compliant CBG hemp strain cultivated and processed to yield higher CBG-rich biomass for bulk raw material output. The extraction and subsequent refinement processes removes THC and other active compounds, including plant material, terpenes, flavonoids, fats, lipids, and other cannabinoids, leaving an ultra-concentrated CBG oil ready for further purification and refinement to produce CBG Isolate with non-detectable levels of THC.

The consistent guaranteed CBG potency with a mild flavor and aroma profile makes our THC-Free CBG Isolate a versatile, formulation-ready raw ingredient that can be added to topicals and cosmetics, vapes, tinctures, soft gels, gummies, pet products and other oil-soluble applications.

Alternative Marijuana