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Curt’s Cannabis Corner Ep 12: Delta 10 THC (Full Episode 20 Min)

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You love Delta-9 THC . Delta -10 THC is a popular THC product that you’ve seen advertised online. Curt and Crew look at Delta -10 THC, a newcomer in the world of cannabinoids commercially.

This phytomolecule was discovered in a California wildfire. It occurred when an outdoor cannabis crop became contaminated with fire retardant chemicals. The plants were then converted to Delta -10, most likely from cannabichromene [CBC], CBD or delta-9 THC. All of these molecules have very similar molecular structures.

It is a newly discovered molecular structure and has not been regulated by the federal government. This means that it can be sold on markets without having access to adult or medical marijuana. Because of the lack of regulation over hemp and cannabis products in the United States, the legal status for delta -10 can be ambiguous. It could also change at any moment.

Curt Robbins, educator and podcaster (Higher Learning LV), and his panel industry insiders – David Rheins (MJNews Network), Alana Armstrong (Alan Aldous), and Matt Grimshaw (@Matt_Grimshaw), discuss the implications of the regulated market, consumer safety, and the importance of industry standards and protocols regarding manufacturing, testing, and labeling.

We hope you enjoyed Curt’s Cannabis Corner’s first season. Higher Learning LV and MJNews Network developed this series of podcasts and articles for the cannabis and hemp industry professionals who want to better understand the complex biochemistry of this unique–and now legal–herb.

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