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Dabbing 99% THCa! (THC vs THCa Explained)

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Just picked up this Tahoe OG 99% thca sand from moxie! Being 99% thca there’s not much room for terpenes so this is fairly flavorless. This 99% thca isn’t 99% thc. A common misconception with thca is that is the same thing as thc. Most dispensaries will just add the thc and thca together to get a total thc% to advertise on the shelve. So it’s understandable how this happens but it’s not an accurate representation of the total THC. THCA needs decarboxylate to convert to THC. Decarboxylation occurs when cannabis is heated so all you have to do is smoke, vape, or bake it to decarboxylate thca, But though this process THCA% becomes only 87.7% of the original number in THC

You need to use this equation to find out the real total thc content:


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Dabbing 99% THCA (THC vs THCA)

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Dabbing 99% THCA (THC vs THCA)

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