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Delta 9 – Headbanger – Unboxing Review – 3.5g @ 17.97% (179.7mg) THC/g (+Extreme Closeups)

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This is another new one on OCS from Delta 9, it’s the strain Headbanger. This one is close to 18% and I’ve never tried this strain before. As usual I’ll open the container and see what it smells like and looks like plus check the weight with a scale. After that we can look at the buds and trichomes extremely close up with the microscope. Following that I will go and try this out and then let you know what I think of it and if I would buy it again.

0: 00 – Intro
2: 28 – Weighing The Cannabis
3: 15 – Looking At The Buds And Trichomes Extremely Close Up With Microscope
5: 56 – Final Thoughts After Vaping The Delta 9 Headbanger Cannabis

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