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How Will CBN Make Me Feel?

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How will CBN make me feel? In this episode of the CBD Q&A, Certified CBD Coaches Denise Rinehart and Angeles Jonske talk about the increasingly popular cannabinoid, CBN. If you’ve never experienced the effects of CBN and are curious about what you can expect, this video will help you understand how CBN works in your body and how it will make you feel. Some call CBN (Cannabinol) “the Sleepy Cannabinoid”. Science is proving it to be a natural way to get more ZZZs.

Health Benefits of Hemp CBN:
Supports Calm & Relaxation
May Stimulate Appetite
Provides Anti-Oxidant Support
Supports Healthy Immune & Stress Response
Supports the Nervous System
May Provide Anti-Bacterial Support

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1: 05 ZZZs
1: 20 How you feel after CBN?

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