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Is Delta 8 Actually Legal in Texas?

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Delta-8 THC is currently legal in Texas, but using it could be a violation of your bond, probation or parole. Board Certified Criminal Defense Lawyer Benson Varghese explains in this short video.
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0: 00: Are Delta-8 THC products legal in Texas?
0: 12: Depends what substances you receive and if you are on bond, probation or parole.
0: 23: Texas legislature clarification
0: 50: Buying Delta-8
1: 23: Conditions of bond, probation or parole
1: 44: Cannabinoid violations
2: 01: Judge’s rules can be more stringent than state law
2: 23: Important to understand conditions of bond, probation and parole
2: 43: Drop us a question about criminal law

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