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Where Does Delta 8 Come From and is it Natural?

Given its legal status, Delta 8 has quickly swept the industry despite it being a psychoactive drug. Although it’s less potent than other psychoactive cannabinoids it still offers similar effects for people outside of recreational use.

This is why the demand for Delta 8 products has skyrocketed. Producers have a predictable response to those demands. But there are many unanswered questions.

Is it natural where did Delta 8 originate? Is it natural or artificial? Is it natural? Is it available anywhere? These are just some of the many questions being asked as Delta 8 gains popularity. Unfortunately, there is not enough information available to answer all the questions.

This may be due to navigating new territory but it still results in frustration and confusion in an exciting new market. This video explains how Delta 8 is made, where it can be found, and other issues.

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0: 26 Is Delta 8 A Natural Product?
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1: 05 What happens when you use CBD isolate to make Delta 8?
1: 54 What happens if you purify Delta 8 too much?

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