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Medicine Box: Talking THCV & THCA with Mara Gordon

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Mara Gordon of Aunt Zelda’s discusses THCV & THCA with Brian Chaplin, founder of Medicine Box.


About Medicine Box:

As a company, we stand for human health and sovereignty. We believe wellness can be achieved and enhanced through plant medicines and a holistic approach.

Our cannabis and hemp herbal formulations are designed to bring relief, support and calm to modern lifestyles. The “First Cabinet” or “1CaB” line brings whole-plant healing to your personal Medicine Box — Happy Belly for gut health, Equanimity for peace and sleep, and Vital Recovery for energized focus.

The 7 Pillars of Medicine Box are areas of consideration, strength and focus that influence and guide everything we do. Community ⭒ Food ⭒ Mindfulness ⭒ Collaboration ⭒ Music ⭒ Nature ⭒ Recovery

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Alternative Marijuana