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Nu-x(r) CBD Disposable Vape Pen Customer Reactions & Reviews

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Watch what happens when actual first-time users experience the nu-x(r) CBD disposable vape pen. The disposable vape pen is described as “smooth”, easy, and “wow” by many people. You can see more reactions to the pure 150mg concentrate disposable ready to use pen in the video.

About nu-x(r), disposable CBD vape pen
Nu-x(r), disposable vape pen, contains only pure CBD, natural plant extracts, and MCT oils. These disposable CBD vape pen were created from our concentrate product. They allow consumers to vape CBD concentrate in an easy-to-use vaporizer.

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Nu-x(r), which uses USA hemp as its CBD, has disposable vape pen flavors that only contain the natural terpene profile of the plant. There are no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Many other vape pens today do not deliver the promised concentration. Each disposable nu-x(r), 0.5 ml, contains 150mg CBD.

CBD Vape Pen OptionsAzure strawberry flavor –

Sedona lemoncake flavor – a

Oceana OG kush strain flavor – a

Terra AC/DC strain flavor – a

Rhea tropical fruit flavor — a

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