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THC Acetate/THC O (The Psychedelic Cannabis Oil) Beware!

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You may have heard about delta 8 THC or Delta 10 THC, but have you heard about THC acetate? THC-O is a new term that you may have heard of. This video is by Dr. Frank, founder of AddictionMindset Recovery Coaching. It explains the basics of THC acetate.

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THC acetate, also known as ATHC, is a synthetic cannabinoid that is used to produce THC.
THC-O comes from either delta 8 THC (or delta 9 THC).
THC acetate is stronger than delta9 THC and 2-3x stronger than delta9 THC.
THC acetate has not been tested on humans.

Two companies that produce THC-O Binoid, Bearly legal hemp are extremely shady.

AddictionMindset is the perfect video for anyone thinking of trying THC acetate.

Vapes and THC acetate vapes can be especially dangerous for lung tissue.

THC acetate carts and THC vape’s can all be trouble. THC O is, in my professional opinion, not safe due to the unknowns.

AddictionMindset Recovery Coaching can help you quit smoking, THC, energy drinks and other adult media.

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