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The Delta-8 Deception

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If you follow my blog – then you know through my career as a journalist I’ve developed a bit of an “unpopular” opinion regarding Delta-8 THC being produced by hemp producers. But it’s not because I’m against the cannabinoid – I’m against how it’s being produced. Lab-synthesized cannabinoids are about as far away from the roots of this industry as we can get.

A new report from LeafReport – ( shows most Delta-8 THC products on the market today have more Delta-9 than they are reporting. Although LeafReport’s analysis didn’t find any heavy metals, we know from other conversations I’ve had in the industry, many Delta-8 products are dirty, contain contaminants and residual chemicals.

Join me in this discussion with Eloise Theisen about Delta-8 THC products, her involvement in this report, and what needs to be done to ensure Delta-8 products are actually safe for consumers.

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