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There are several options to reduce dust buildup on your CBN wheels. I have tested the spritzing method and it works.

YouTube video

I talk about dust control in my shop and test the spritzing method of just light spraying the CBN Wheel with water. You may find the following links useful.

Amazon seller. He has confirmed that his wheels work well in water and does not require any special solutions. Currently, many of my usual places are out of stock. There are a variety of grits, rounded corners and good reviews. Although I haven’t tried him yet, I am interested in his 400 Grit wheel.
UF-SHARP CBN Grinder Wheel for Tormek T-8 has hard corners

Because I’m a nice guy, I’ll list the shop that I purchased my front vertical mount from before. Although he is located far away, he can ship quickly. He clearly knows his stuff when it comes sharpening, even though he disagrees on the quality CBN wheels from Woodturners Wonders. You won’t be disappointed by anything you buy from his shop. You can also find many other cool sharpening products.

This is my favorite Wood Turners Wonders but they are low on inventory at the moment of this video but this place always gets my highest recommendations

This is the Australian store. He has lots of great information and products, but he unfortunately passed away this winter. The store seems to be still in business. However, I tried to buy a front vertical base from them and was denied. I’m not sure what the status of the shop is.

JET Brand Shop Dust Collectors

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