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The 1960s was the first time that cannabinoids were discovered in Israel. They are naturally occurring chemical compounds that are derived from cannabis plants and responsible for many of the medicinal benefits associated with cannabis. Each compound has its own unique properties and benefits. More than 110 cannabis cannabinoids have already been identified, and many more will be discovered. We continue to study the complex molecular structure of the cannabis plant. Today, we will be discussing the cannabinoid CBN. This was the first to be isolated by scientists. CBN is a natural product that I love to put in my natural health products box.
CBN is formed when THC is heated, or exposed to oxygen. It also naturally occurs as the cannabis plant age. It is derived from THC but does not have the same psychoactive properties as THC. You won’t get high off CBN by itself. Although it binds to receptors more slowly than other cannabinoids, it is still a useful compound for improving sleep health. It is being investigated as a potential stimulant for bone tissue development. It is believed to activate stem cells, which can facilitate the production and repair of bone.

CBN has been shown to be an antibacterial agent in studies. Perhaps it will be used to treat bacterial infections that other antibiotics are unable to heal. CBN may be a neuroprotectant that can be used to fight ALS and other neurodegenerative diseases. Studies are still ongoing. Studies are being conducted to prove that CBN is an appetite stimulant and effective weight loss.

CBN may be able reduce intraocular pressure, which is the most serious risk factor for glaucoma. However, studies on rabbits have not been done so humans will need to confirm this. It was also shown to be a powerful anti-inflammatory in rodents. This could help reduce rheumatoid and other forms of arthritis.

CBN is often touted as being highly effective in treating sleep disorders. However, some believe that it must contain both CBN and THC to make it work. Although pure CBN does not cause sedation, older cannabis high in CBN may also be high in sedating compounds (another active chemical in this plant). This could indicate that the terpenes are responsible for the sedative properties. While most people believe CBN is not intoxicating, make sure you don’t choose high amounts of THC. It can stimulate appetite and reduce anxiety, without the side effects associated with a medication such as valium.
Currently, there is not much research on cannabinol’s effects on humans. We may discover more uses for cannabinol as more research is done. CBN isn’t abundant in fresh or cured cannabis, but it can be found in older cannabis, especially if it has been exposed to high levels of oxygen. It can also be created by THC oxidation. You can find products with CBN isolated in the form edibles or tinctures.

No matter what your interest in CBN may be, take into account your symptoms and do your research. Keep trying until you find the right treatment. You need to rest. It is important to consult your doctor before you take any of these products. You will find links on this page to further information about these products as well as links to places where you can buy CBN oils or other related products. The time will tell if CBN has superpowers.

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