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What the Latest Research Reveals on CBD Oil for Pain & Mood

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This video is focused on the use of CBD (cannabidiol) oil for pain and begins the topic of its effect on mood.

In this 16-minute video the following subjects are discussed:

A summary on what’s already been covered on CBD oil in this series including the importance of safety when using it and the new resources available on its potential medication interactions.

The three points to consider when implementing any health modality and the main takeaways on the clinical efficacy of CBD oil from the research.

The reason why studies for CBD oil as a monotherapy are not as numerous as for other cannabinoid compounds.

The overall results from meta-analyses regarding the pain-relieving aspects on cannabinoids and their general safety.

The promising preliminary results of CBD oil and full spectrum hemp for discomfort.

The bottom line of impact of CBD oil on mood. This topic will be reviewed in detail in the upcoming video.

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