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Delta 8 gummies are one of the hottest cannabis trends to hit the THC market. Many people are suffering from side effects of unregulated Delta 8 products. Because there is not enough research on specific brands, delta 8 can cause side effects. This video is Dr. Frank’s reaction to the viral tik tok video about […]

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a day in the life with delta 8

a day in the life with delta 8 What’s up guys? I’m Jay If you are new, welcome back! Today, I am sharing a day of my life with you! I shared with you some of my favorite ways to use MOONWLKR delta 8 during my day. Delta 8 is a new obsession for me, […]

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This Is How Delta-8 Is Made

Did you know your Delta-8 might be full of chemical solvents and even BLEACH? You might find some unpleasant chemicals in Delta-8’s manufacturing process. But this video will show you how to avoid them and how to get high-quality Delta-8. Filmed legally in Denver Colorado, under State Amendment 64. If you like this video, please […]

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Delta-8 THC | Budtender Thoughts | Cannabis Beginner’s Guide

Welcome back to another educational adventure into cannabis! We’ve spent months researching and reviewing the information about Delta-8 THC. Now we have a better understanding of all the rumors and misinformation surrounding D8. #delta8 #cannabis #budtender Today, we will be focusing on the negatives associated with Delta-8 THC. We’ll share what we know and what […]

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High besties! I hope you have a great day! + Special thanks to @DeltaMunchies who sent me some goodies! Subscribe now if you don’t have one already Follow me on Insta K love you byeeeeeeeeeeee

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